May 18th 2010
With the UIGEA about to go into enforcement in June, more players will be turning to alternative deposit methods as credit cards will no longer be a strong option for players in the US to make deposits and withdrawals. With many alternative deposit methods to choose from, there are a substantial number of options out there, which will make the competition tight for those looking to replace credit cards. As a result, the timing of Neteller’s promotion, which has just been extended for another month, comes at a great time. They’re already one of the most popular alternative deposit methods for online casino players, but they’re ensuring that they secure their place!

In April the Neteller promotion began. It was supposed to end at the end of the month, but Neteller has decided to extend it for an additional 16 days starting May 1st. What this promotion does is offers players cash back as well as free deposits.

This promotion is not just available to players who have already registered with Neteller; new ones have the option to sign up and claim the incentive as well. Since Neteller usually charges for transactions made, sometimes players are hestitant to use it, when other payment methods like credit cards don’t charge. With this promotion, players receive free deposits. Upfront they have to pay the fee, but then it will be refunded to them by the end of the month of May; making the service free to use!

The other promotion that’s being continued is a 1% cashback offer coming from Neteller. Similar to what online casinos offer based on the number of raked hands, Neteller is automatically calculating out 1% of the total dollar figure of money transfers to online casinos to play slots online and other popular casino games. This money isn’t determined based on either wins or losses so it becomes an even better incentive that what casinos typically offer to players; there is no risk, it’s completely guaranteed!

As credit cards are no longer available for US players to use when playing at online casinos, this is one way to introduce players to services like Neteller without the fees holding them back from joining. Of course, they’ll come back into play eventually, but by then they’ll already be exposed to the benefits of using the service and they’ll likely be hooked enough to keep on doing so. With plenty of alternative deposit methods ready to take over former credit card clients for online casino deposits, Neteller’s decision to extend a great promotion has great timing!

Another reason to use Neteller and take advantage of this promotion is that many online casinos offer additional deposit bonuses for use of alternative deposit methods. Since this is a promotion straight from Neteller, it doesn’t exclude players from claiming any associated bonuses right from the casino as well.
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Neteller Extends May Casino and Slots Promotion

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