May 21st 2007

You will find that the rules a slot tournament follows vary from one casino to another. Still, there are some basic rules that you will find in all tournaments. If you want to take part in the tournament you have to pay a fee. This is known as "Buying in" and after paying this fee you will get a certain amount of credits and a slot machine to play. The player that will win the most money playing slots will be declared the winner. The winner will receive a cash prize which is usually taken from all the money collected during the "Buy In" process.

If you have a tight budget then tournaments may be ideal for you. When you "buy into" a tournament you will have to pay the fee but you will get to play slots a lot cheaper. And to make things even better you also have a chance at winning the big prize. You may win big with a minimal investment.

Some rules are followed by all tournaments, while others vary from one tournament to another. The winner will most of the times be declared according to different sets of rules. Sometimes you will win if you have the highest single total, other times if you have the highest win on a bonus round. Make sure to always read the tournament rules so that you are familiar with them and know what you are getting yourself into. If you take the time to read them before starting to play you will avoid any misunderstandings later on.

Some tournaments are timed. This means that you have a limited time to play. You will want to play as much as possible in that given amount of time. To do so always keep the spin button pressed. The wheels will be continuously spinning if you keep the button pressed and will only stop briefly whenever you get a winning combination.

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