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Caribbean Stud Poker Review

Caribbean Stud Poker Progressive game is poker that is played not among different players but against the house, and carries with it a progressive jackpot. This game has been developed by Real Time Gaming (RTG), one of the leading software companies in the online casino world. The game moves fast, but shouldn't be one that is particularly intimidating for anybody.

Caribbean Stud Poker, in case you're one of those people who hasn't played it yet, is sort of like a game of Five-Card Stud, with certain aspects that make it look a little like blackjack. So, if you don’t like to play slots all the time, this game offers a nice change of pace without losing the opportunity to hit a big progressive. The layout looks like something you would see on a blackjack table. As we mentioned, you are playing against the house, and your performance does not depend on what other players do, and in that way it is like blackjack. You'll see a shoe that the game is dealt from, and a discard rack, like you'd see used by a dealer at a blackjack table. The dealer flips over just one card and you must play against it, which is very much like blackjack operates.

There's a difference here, in that you are dealt not one card but five cards, while the dealer ultimately shows five cards as well. Of course, four of his cards are unknown to you until you have to bet. The object of the game, and the basis upon which you get paid, is to have a higher-ranked hand than the dealer has.

Here's how it all works: you put out an ante as the initial bet and then click "Deal" to get the game started. You receive your hand, and get to see the dealer's "up-card." At this point you've got to make your decision as to whether you are going to bet or fold. When you click "Bet," chips that amount to double the ante go into the game. Then the dealer unveils the rest of his cards and the winner is declared. If you decide to "Fold," the hand is over and you will lose your bet. To move quicker, you can click on "Rebet" and the same bet you put out there on the last hand goes back into the game.

This is how the hands are ranked, and what the combinations will pay you:

Royal Flush - 100-to-1
Straight Flush - 50-to-1
Four of a Kind - 20-to-1
Full House - 7-to-1
Flush - 5-to-1
Straight - 4-to-1
Three of a Kind - 3-to-1
Two Pair - 2-to-1
One Pair - Even Money
High Card - Even Money

For all of these combinations you will be paid off at those odds, in addition to your ante.

You can win by default if the dealer does not have a pair, or at least an Ace-King combination. In the event of a tie, you will win if you have the high card. For example, if you and the dealer both have a straight, if you have highest card you will have the winning hand.

As for the progressive jackpot part of the game, at the beginning of each round of play, you'll see a slot to the right that accommodates a coin. If you click it, prior to the deal, a dollar will go into the slot, which makes you eligible for a progressive payout.

These are the hands, and their progressive payouts:

Royal Flush - 100%
Straight Flush - 10%
Four of a Kind - $500
Full House - $100
Flush - $75

In other words, if you get a Royal Flush, you win 100% the progressive jackpot. There is a counter that allows you to keep track of the jackpot.

Most RTG online casinos allow you to bet as little as a dollar on a hand or as high as $250, which means that it can serve small bettors and high rollers equally well. You have all the controls for sound and speed. Turn them up, turn them off - do it at your own discretion. You can also change the speed at which the game is played, and it's all to your liking. The graphics in this game are tremendous, thanks to RTG, and the cards and chips aren't too hard to see, even if you aren't in full screen mode.

It's time to ante up and play this game!

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Caribbean Stud Poker Review

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