May 18th 2007
You will be presented with the most important facts that played a major part in the history of the slots, starting from the XIX century and into our times.

In 1887 the first nickel was placed in a slot machine by Charles Fey, a German immigrant who worked in San Francisco as a mechanic.

In 1902 the slot machines were banned throughout California and Nevada, the first city that applied the ban being San Francisco.

In 1905 one of Fey's slot machines: The Liberty Bell was stolen from a San Francisco saloon. The author of the theft it is supposed to be Mills Novelty Company, owned by Herbert Mills. The facts are not confirmed.

In 1907 the first machine with an automatic payout principle, very similar to the ones created by Fey was produced. It was produced by the Mills Novelty Company. The famous bells, bars, plums, oranges, cherries and lemons symbols were introduced with this machine.

In 1910 the slot machines, nicknamed the one-armed bandits were expanded nationally, in most of the towns and cities throughout America.

In 1915 the machines made from cast-iron were replaced with ones made from wood hereby lowering the manufacturing costs.

In 1929 the first 3 reel slot machine to use the silver dollar was introduced by the inventor of the original slot machines Charles Fey.

In 1940's the machines were introduced into the Flamingo Hilton hotels in Las Vegas, their owner being the famous Bugsy Siegel.

In 1951 the transportation of a slot machine or a part of it into the United States unless it was destined to another country was illegal. The law was set by the United States Congress.

In 1950's the first 4 reel machines instead of the usual 3 reel ones were introduced.

In 1960's the machines which gave players a second chance of winning, the "hold and draw" type slots, became more popular in Las Vegas.

In 1980 the first electronic machines, which would eventually replace the mechanical systems were introduced by Bally Manufacturing. This type of machines gave the players several options like more reel combinations or the use of multiple coins.

In 1990's the online version of the slots is first introduced.

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