May 9th 2007
Did you know that progressive slots have two levels? Well they have. There is a primary and a secondary level. You will see the primary jackpot displayed in big, bright letters above the carousel. This is the biggest payout that you will receive when playing progressive slots. Since it is a progressive jackpot it will constantly increase as people are playing slots.

The secondary jackpot is of smaller value that the primary jackpot. You will see its value displayed with smaller, less bright letters, below the primary jackpot. This is also a progressive jackpot and it also constantly increases in value. The secondary jackpot may be smaller than the primary one, but your chances of getting one are better.

If you notice that the primary and secondary jackpots have a high value then someone will win soon. So why not play a progressive machine in this case? Luck may just be on your side and you will get that big jackpot. In fact, as a rule of thumb you should always check the value of the jackpot before playing a progressive machine. It is advisable to play such machines only when the jackpot has reached a large amount.

When playing a progressive machine always bet maximum coins. The whole point of playing a progressive machine is getting that huge jackpot. But you will get a jackpot payout only if you bet maximum coins. Could you even imagine betting just one coin and getting a jackpot combination? Because you haven\'t bet maximum coins you will receive a payout of a few thousand dollars instead of a few hundred thousand dollars. How would you feel then?

The next time you are playing online and feel like playing progressive slots give BETTY BOOP, 1/4 DELUXE, JEOPARDY and ELVIS PROGRESSIVE a try.

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