Mar 29th 2010
No matter which online casino players choose to play at, the same laws should apply, and one of them is that casinos are required to keep track of their players history otherwise they can face serious legal trouble. Playtech is a software provider that has decided to make the most of this rule by giving players access to all of the information in a unique way, build right into the online gaming software.

It might be a worry to some players that their information is stored online where it might fall into the wrong hands. Especially when registering for a casino to play the online slots or other favorite games it’s necessary to provide complete contact information and financial data as well. Having access to it gives players added piece of mind, allowing them to monitor what’s happening in their account despite the fact that all online casinos that are reputable do use high security for encryption that makes it impossible for information to fall into the wrong hands! There are other benefits to players as well.

Built right into the gaming software by Playtech is gaming history that all players have access to when logged into their own accounts. It’s been designed to be extremely user-friendly to allow all players, regardless of how technically savvy they are able to keep tabs on what’s been happening in their account and learn about their playing history in a way that may benefit their chances of winning.

Those who take the opportunity to play casino slots can click on the history button at the bottom of the software on the toolbar. It’s a feature only available to those who have been playing for real money; not those who are strictly playing for fun.

Players can track their history by selecting a date range they would like to review. They can enter a custom date period, or select yesterday, today, the last 7 days or the last month from the drop-down menu. Information allows players to get a general overview of their deposits or withdrawals, or they can look at individual games and see the bets that they placed (even as detailed as specific paylines on the slot games) and how much the won if they were lucky enough. By providing this information, it can help players develop a slots strategy and also keep an eye on their gambling habits. Many players believe after playing a game for a certain period of time, if they haven’t won enough; they move on. Playtech’s history allows them to do this and can also help them stay on budget and ensure their gambling doesn’t get out of control.

Players may still feel reluctant about giving out information online, but knowing that there are benefits to them can go a long way. Plus, with the reassurance that security is always a top priority, especially with Playtech software, players can feel good knowing their information is in good hands and that Playtech casinos are abiding by the laws.

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