Aug 24th 2011
For players in the United States, it won’t be long until free slots games and other casino games at online casinos will be about the only thing available to play. First it was UIGEA, and then came Black Friday more recently when the US crippled popular poker rooms such as Full Tilt and Poker Stars. These actions not only eliminate a fun hobby for many in the US; but they also eliminate revenue and, more importantly, jobs that could really benefit the US economy.

Online casinos may not have the same number of staff as a land based casinos, but they do have customer support representatives available 24/7 with those available to answer phones, email and live chat when players need help. In addition, casinos require technical support in case there are any issues with the website or software, and of course, there are also those that work for the third party banking providers and any other businesses associated with the running of online casinos. That’s not including all of the marketing and top-level management positions that would be required to run a successful casino operation. What this means, is that any individual online casino can create a substantial number of jobs and this is something that the US economy could really benefit from right now.

A recent study demonstrated just how many jobs could be created for the US economy that is still suffering, with many Americans finding themselves out of work. In total, there could be as many as 32,000 jobs created if the US were to allow online casinos to be opened in the country and regulated under American law and legislation. The online gambling industry could also bring in only a 5 year period $100 billion, which would be a hugely profitable industry. It would create a whole new industry which is greatly needed in the US right now of all times.

But instead of embracing a USA online gambling industry, the US is actually making it far more difficult for US players to even participate and play at online casinos that are based in other countries. The UIGEA gambling legislation began being enforced years ago which prevents any credit card provider or financial institution from processing payments between online casinos and US players. The efforts to pass this legislation and enforce it, is costing the US government millions of dollars that could instead be used for the US to create jobs and review in the USA.

Our vote? Regulate online casinos and online poker to ensure a safe and fair environment for US citizens to play online slots, poker and other games of entertainment while generating jobs for America and generating a new source of revenue for a government with a desperate economy.

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US Job Creation from Online Casinos

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