May 15th 2007
It is necessary and in the player's benefit to know and understand the different types of slot machines. The classical and the progressive slot machines are the best known and most of the times are wrongly considered the only types. The main difference between the machines is the payout schedule and this can be noticed in the front of the machine.

The multiplier machine is the ideal one for players that like to play one coin at a time. This can be observed from the paying schedule: if from three coins played simultaneous you would be paid the same sum as if you would play them one after the other, then the machine is a multiplier machine.

For example for playing one coin you would win 10$, and for paying 3 coins you would win 30$. You can clearly see that the advantage at this type is playing one coin at a time.

The bonus multiplier is another well known type of machine, and it is ideal if you like to play more coins once. At the paying schedule there should be: the sum for playing three coins simultaneous should increase with each coin.

For example for playing one coin you would win 10$, for playing two coins, you would win 24$ (instead of 20$ like at a multiplier machine), for playing three coins, you would win 38$, and so on. The benefits for playing more coins at once are easily to be observed, but so are the risks of losing more money.

Another characteristic of the bonus multiplier machine is the ability to have winning lines in more places than the classic three lines from the usual machines. But a number of coins should be played in order to activate those lines, otherwise even in the case of win, if the line hasn't been activated you won't win a thing. This may bring lots of frustration to a player, so it is recommended to pay for activation of all the lines before you pull the lever.

A machine that shares some of the characteristics of the machine mentioned above is the buy-a-pay machine. This is another machine that will offer you more earnings but in a direct proportion with the money paid. The payment for this type is made to activate the sum of the jackpot, with the maximum coins, and not to activate the lines like in the previous one.

The more coins you pay the bigger the jackpot will be. Not paying all the coins may get you hitting a jackpot but without being able to receive a dime out of it.

A different machine that uses the maximum coin system is the progressive machine. Playing the maximum coin will give you a shot at winning the jackpot. This feature may not be listed on the paying schedule as it is the only feature by using the maximum coins.

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