Apr 23rd 2010
Slots strategies may seem pointless as winning at a slot game usually occurs completely at random. Even though there is that strong force of luck every time a player decides to play slots, luck does not have to dictate how a player wins or loses. Player can make their bankroll go a lot far if they start practicing a few slot strategies at online casinos.

Practicing some of these slots tips will allow slots players to allocate their time to just enjoying the gaming experience and maybe even winning those big bucks!

1. Select games for the fun appeal - While the common goal at most casino games is to win, players should always make sure they are having a good time. Many times this depends upon the game. Players should look for fun game rather than just thinking all about the money.

2. Become a VIP - Slots casinos usually offer a VIP club or player’s club those gamers can join. More often than not, these clubs are not always invitation only and they are usually free to join. These clubs offer players great casino bonuses to use on those slot games such as bonuses on frequent deposits or cashback even on those losses.

3. Decide on a budget - Before a player even sits down to that slot machine, they should know what they are willing to spend. If they reach that amount, players should step away from the computer.

4. Wager the maximum amount - Players should not be confused here and think this means spending a load of money. Rather, players should try and hit the jackpot on a slot game by betting the maximum number of coins. All a player has to do to salvage money here is bet on those games where the maximum bet is not so outside the bankroll.

5. Know the shady games from the upstanding ones - Players should also know what the reputation of their slots game is before they start playing. Reviewers will tell which games are tight or loose. This means how much these games payout and how well they do so.

6. Figure out the payout rates - The internet allows those online gamers to not only play at online casinos, but also houses a variety of sites that will tell players just what the payout percentage on a game may be. Some of the casinos will even put this information on their website.

7. Stay away from progressive jackpots - Progressive slots jackpots tend to have those enticing jackpots. However, if a player is just looking for little wins, it will not be worth it to their wallets to gamble with such a small bankroll.

8. Try out single payline games - Many slots games these days feature several paylines. These can make the whole gaming experience a pricey one with players aiming for that maximum to hit the jackpot. There are those games that offer just one or two paylines. These can be better for players as they will not let things get out of hand with too high of betting.

9. Don’t Focus on one machine - Players tend to believe that if a machine is not yielding anything after a long time spent playing at it, it is time to find another game.

10. High Bankrollers Should try high roller machines - If a player’s goal is to win big and they have a pretty high bankroll, high roller machines are a great way to achieve that goal. These generally promise a larger payout with just one or two pulls. However, players should not keep trying these if they are not generating any sort of wins for a player, as they can be costly.

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