May 15th 2007
Different percentages can be seen at different slot machines. The percentage of the payout represent the percentage of the money played at the machine will be won by somebody. If a machine has a payout percentage of 97%, then 97% of the money played will be returned in an amount of time.

This is not a guarantee that exactly this percentage will be returned to you if you play. You won\'t get 97$ back if you bet 100$. This depends on each person\'s luck. The wager accumulated in time from all the players represents the slot payout percentage. Also only by winning the jackpot you can get the 97% back which can bring you a fabulous sum of money. As you can see new information has been presented to you in these lines.

It is required to manage your money at slots as well as you would manage them at other casino game. The rule you must follow is not to put all the money you have won from playing slots back into the slot machines. This can be applied at any other casino games.

You have to play just a percentage and the rest of the percentage to keep assuring some money in case of an unlucky day at the slots. This next tip is a perfect example of what you should do. If you have won 2000$ at the slots it is ideal to play with just 200$ representing 10% of your win. In case of another win use again just 10% of the win. You will be assured with 1800$ in case you have an unlucky day.

Another way is to be careful with the amount of money you play. A method which almost all the times will give you the opportunity to leave the table with some money in your pockets is the play through method. You decide and must respect your decision about the sum of money you want to play. If you play a 1$ spin and you have 100$ then you have at your disposal 100 spins. You cash out the money once these numbers of spins have ended. The money collected will be yours even if they are more or less than your initial 100$.

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