May 9th 2007
Slots is not a game if skill. If you want to win you do not need to be a skilled player. All you need is luck. That is because there is nothing you can do to guarantee that you will win. You cannot influence the outcome of a spin, but you can influence your odds so that you have better chances of winning.

The first thing to know is how to pick a slots machine to play. Always take a look at the payout table. You have better odds if you find a machine with a high payout percentage. Slots may look the same on the outside, but the payout tables will always vary. Usually machines with high denominations have better payout percentages. The bigger the minimum bet is, the better the payback rate is. You will have better odds when playing a high denomination machine.

Check what type of game you are playing. There are 3-reel machines, 4-reel machines and even 5-reel machines. Payouts usually depend on the number of reels a machine has. More reels mean higher payouts. But more reels also mean smaller chances to get a winning symbol combination. 3-reel machines may have worse payouts than a 4-reel machine, but you will have better odds when playing a 3-reel machine.

An important part of playing a smart game is using proper money or bankroll management. This may very well be the best slots strategy that you can use. If you will play a machine with a 90% payout rate, you are always placing the maximum bet of 3 coins and manage to get 10 spins per minute and then you should spend:

  • $9 per hour on a nickel machine.

  • $45 per hour on a quarter machine.

  • $180 per hour on a dollar machine.

  • $900 per hour on a five dollar machine.

Here are some other very important tips to keep in mind when playing casino slots:
  1. Pay attention to the minimum and maximum bet

    Take the time to look at what the minimum and maximum bets are on the machine that you want to play. A machine with a high minimum bet will cause you to spend all your bankroll very fast. But a high maximum bet is just as bad if you are on a tight budget. In most of the times you will have to bet maximum coins if you want to get a jackpot payout.

  2. Know when to walk away

    Most players do not know when they should stop playing. If they are winning they find it extremely hard to walk away. You should know that no lucky streak will last forever and if you do not walk away while you are ahead, then you will most likely lose all your profits and your bankroll.

  3. Make smart use of your winnings

    Progressive slots offer a very tempting jackpot. The whole idea behind a progressive game is to have a jackpot that is continuously growing. But progressive machines offer a low payback percentage. It can be as low as 80%. If you want to play progressive machines then you should use the winnings from regular slot machines that have a payback percentage well over 90%.

    This is the smartest thing to do. Use the money that you have won playing slots when playing progressive machines. If you lose the money, no harm since it was the casino’s money anyway. But what if you win that big, life changing jackpot?

  4. Double Jackpots

    The casinos are constantly trying to attract more players to the slots machines. That is why you should see through all the advertisements and always look up what words like â€oedoubleâ€? really refer to.

  5. Always bet maximum coins

    In most of the times you will not get a jackpot payout unless you will bet maximum coins. What good will it do you not to bet maximum coins and get a jackpot symbol combination? Instead of winning letA~‚’s say $100,000 you will get a $1,000 payout. And jackpot combinations do not come very often.

    Slot machines have different maximum bet limits. Some offer more affordable maximum bets, while others have maximum bets up to $500. That is why you should find a machine that best suits your budget. There are plenty of slots you can choose from, no matter if you are playing in a land based casino or online.

  6. Budget your money

    Always bet as much as you can afford. Budget the money that you want to spend gambling and stick to that budget. If you win, then good for you. Luck has smiled on you and you have made a profit, maybe even a considerable one. But if you loose the money that you have budgeted, walk away or stop playing. Resist the temptation to use additional funds in order to keep playing.

  7. Slots are the most addictive of all casino games

    If you are a slots player then you should know that this is a game with a high addictedness rate. As much as 70% of the money spent on slots comes from people that suffer from gambling addiction symptoms. The tips presented above are meant to help you have fun and play a smart game. Always make a budget and respect it and also know when to walk away.

    Budgeting your money will ensure than you never lose more than you can afford. Knowing when to walk away will ensure that you walk away with a profit when you have a lucky session. The combination of these two will help you always come out on top.

  8. Slot systems are no good

    The only thing that you can do when playing slots is to increase your odds. And the best way to do that is to play a smart game. There is no strategy or system that you can use and that will guarantee you a win. Slots is a game of pure luck. There is no way to control that, so why people fall for such scams is beyond me.

    Remember that slots strategies or systems are nothing but a waste of time. Just ignore anyone that claims to have a sure way to make you win at slots. It is definitely a scam. They are either trying to get you to buy a useless slots strategy book or they want to get your e-mail so that they will flood you with advertisements.

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