May 9th 2007
Here we will discuss about the dangers of playing multi-line slots and what you can do to increase you odds when playing such games. Take the bonus rounds that you will get when playing multi-line slots for example. They offer terrible odds and will surely get you to lose your bankroll. That cute cartoon animation will not look so funny when you are left with no more money in your pocket.

Most players think that the bonus rounds are beneficial for the player. In fact they are very much mistaken. When you are playing a bonus round you must be focused and on top of your game. You are facing a very high house advantage and most gamblers lose money when playing a bonus round. The bonus payout is big indeed, but only a lucky few will ever receive it, all the other players will only lose their money.

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind when playing multi-line slots:
  1. Keep an eye on the primary game jackpots. Make sure not to fall into the multi-line danger zone if your credit meter keeps going down and yet you get a payout every few spins.
  2. You should get a bonus round often. You are facing a really big house advantage if you have been playing for a while and still didn't get a bonus round. Walk away from that machine if it is a nickel machine and after spending $20 you did not get a bonus round for example.
  3. Pocket the money if you have received a good payout. By good we mean a few hundred or even a few thousand dollars. Put that money to better use, do not be tempted to keep on playing.
Multi-line slots are always a good idea if all you want is to have a little fun. But make sure to play smart and increase your odds. You will feel more entertained with a pocket full of money than with an empty one.

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