May 9th 2007
Here are some of the most interesting question sand answers about slot games:

Where can I find the loose slots?

This question can be interpreted as ways of winning quicker and easier. The most common places where you can find this type of machines:

A. Machine which can be found near a change booth. It is an effective strategy developed by the casino, because when someone goes to change his money he will be attracted by the flashing light and sounds of the slot machines which offer mid level and top jackpots.

B. Another effective strategy is to place the machines somewhere where they can be seen from any place of the gambling floor. This will naturally attract players towards them because they become appealing. An elevated carousel is one of those places.

C. Machines are often placed near coffee shops or snack bars. This way when a player eats he will observe the machines and will get back to them as soon as he finishes eating. The time the player spends eating is unprofitable for the casinos.

D. The crosswalks are another usual places where you will find the slot machines. This is because it is necessary to cross these crosswalks if you want to get to another aisle. This is effective because the players are attracted to these machines since they see the high jackpots they offer. What they do not know is that the main slot aisle where they usually would go the machines are tight and offer only mid range prizes.

E. In locations where the machines are spotted from every slot aisle. The reasons are exactly like the ones previous mentioned.

F. In the free standing kiosk that most of the casinos have. The marketing principles are not the same as of the casinos and because of this these machines might be loose.

The best payouts can be found at which machines?

The purchaser of the machine is the one that determines the payout. Of course he has to set a minimum payout required by the state's law. Many players believe that the machines that they use offer the best payouts. This may be because they have won great money there and don't change them too often.

What does One Armed Bandit mean?

The slot machines are called one armed bandit. One arm from the lever that is required to be pulled for the spins to take place, and bandit because there weren't to many wins at the beginning, the machines being rigged.

Are the larger casinos better than the smaller ones?

This can be interpreted as do the larger casinos pay off better? Even if the larger casinos place more loose machines than the smaller ones they have more tight machines as well which compensates in their benefit. So the answer is no, they do not payout better.

Is the pay and take cycle present at slot machines?

The machines are in a take cycle. Once in a while a win occurs at a machine. Many players would disagree saying that the machines are in pay and take cycle. There are many things that need to be taken in consideration between the pay and take cycle it is not just a this or that problem.

What does Pay cycle mean?

The pay cycle is a period of time after a specific number of bets or coins inserted the machine will payout a high sum of money. The payout system is fixed so it respects the minimum payout required by each state.

What does Hold mean?

Hold is the percentage of the coins that a player bets which is kept by the machine for the casino. The payout is from 3% to 15% to most of the casinos.

What does pay line mean?

The pay line it is a certain line on the playing section where if winning combinations are spanned than the player will win. The lines can be single or multiple and usually it is located at the middle of the screen.

Please explain the Reel term

The reels contain the symbols and are the ones that spin after the lever has been pulled. The number of the reels varies from machine to machine. There can be two reels, three which is the most common, four or even higher reels at a slot machine. The winning combinations and the permutations increase with the number of reels. The chances of hitting the big jackpot at a high reel machine with a single jackpot line are smaller than at a machine with fewer reels.

Please explain the term 'symbols'

The symbols are displayed on the reels and they represent different images, pictures or icons like Fruits, card symbols and so on. The first slot machine used Liberty Bells for symbols.

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