May 15th 2007
Life is full of mysteries and things that we cannot figure out. Slots are not one of these things. Slots' secrets are extremely easy to figure out. The game is very straight forward and simple. None the less, there are many slots myths and misconceptions going around.

I know it seems hard to believe, but to many players slots are still a big mystery. People that do not understand slots often believe that the machine is not working properly or that someone has programmed the machine to rip them off. If you are one of these players, keep reading and all the slots secrets will be revealed to you. Hopefully you will no longer have any problems understanding slots and how they work.

Luck plays the most important part in slots

Slots are not a game of skill, they are a game of chance. There isn't much that you can do to increase your odds, and nothing will guarantee that you will win. Your best chance to win at slots is to have luck on your side. Luck, fortune, chance or whatever you want to call it, it is the only thing that determines if you will win or not. The manner in which you insert the coins or pull the handle do not have an influence on the outcome of the game. The same applies to how long you have been playing a certain machine or how many payouts it has given. None of these influence the outcome of the game. You have the same chances of winning every time you pull the handle, regardless of how you insert the coin, pull the handle or for how long you have been playing. You will win when luck will smile on you, so relax and enjoy the game.

Where the slot machine is placed on the casino floor

When you walk into a casino you will notice that the biggest part of the casino floor is taken up by the slot machines. There aren't many things that you can do to increase your odds when playing slots, but one of these things is picking the most favorable machine to play. The way machines are placed on the casino floor is not completely random. So pay attention to where the machine is placed when picking a one to play. This will make the difference between playing a loose or a tight machine.

"Loose slots" are a reality

The main debate in slots is about loose and tight slot machines. The truth is that loose and consequently tight machines do exist. They are very much a reality. But why do the casinos use loose machines?

The answer is extremely simple: to get as many people as possible to play slots. They place loose slots in high traffic areas were everyone can see the player receiving frequent payouts. The casinos want as many people as possible to witness these payouts. This in turn will attract other players to the slot machines. A very clever marketing tool, indeed. You will usually find loose slots in the busiest areas of the casino, near coffee shops, change booths or near crosswalks or slot aisles.

"Tight slots" are also a reality

Tight slots are the opposite of loose slots. They rarely give payouts, and these payouts are usually small. The casinos have to recover the money they lose on the loose slots and that is why they use tight slots. Tight slots are usually placed in the less busy areas of the casino. You will find tight slots near ticket lines, sports book areas or table areas. You will not find many people willing to play slots in these areas so that is why the casino will place tight slots there.

No slot machine is the same as another slot machine

All slots machine look pretty much the same, but only on the outside. Sure, they all have attractive flashing lights and big jackpot advertisements meant to draw you to that machine. But when you get closer you will notice that there are differences. When picking a machine to play you must pay attention to the payout table, and not the flashing lights and jackpot advertisements. A good payout table will increase your odds considerably when playing slots, so always take a look at it before playing a machine.

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