May 3rd 2007
The slots are a part of America's history with an expansion which is hard to avoid. Being invented by Charles Fey in the United States they can be found in all the corners of the world, and almost in any public places: lounges, bus terminals and pubs.

In 1895 Fey had an idea about the slots and 12 years later in 1907 the Mills Liberty Bell was produced after an alliance with the Mills Novelty Company. The Liberty Bell was the emblem that appeared on the front of the cast iron case of the machine. The symbols of playing cards, (spades, hearts, and diamonds) were used as the symbols for the machine's reel selection.

In 1910 the Operator Bell was introduced and the great feature of it was the well known fruit symbols. It was just a slight variation of the Liberty Bell machine. In 1915 a new change was applied: the cast iron cases were replaced with wood cabinets, this way reducing the production costs. It is said that more than 30 thousand cast iron case machines were produced till the cabinet's change.

Several changes were made to the game and to the machines over the next years. Multiple jackpots, specific themes, quieter running machines and colorful cabinets were some of the changes made to attract more players. The themes, a feature that keep the machines up to date were first introduced in that period. The "Castle Front", "Roman Head", the "War Eagle", and the "Lion Head" were among the first themes applied to the machines.

In the sixties electronics started to apply to the machines as well. Solid state 21 machines were produced after Nevada Electronics released this type of machine for the first time. This type of machines was made for different types of games like: roulette, dice, horse racing, and poker machines not just for slots. The Dale Electronics' Poker-Matic was the most famous machine of this kind. All the Nevada casinos had it.

In 1975 in Las Vegas the first video bell slot was introduced by the Fortune Coin Company. It was received at first as a novelty by most of the casinos. With it's conversion to a draw poker machine it rose to its full potential. In 1976 the first black and white video poker machine was built by Bally an only eight months later the color version was built by the Fortune Coin Company.

In 1975 Willion "Si" Redd founded a new slot manufacturing giant. For 1.5 million$ Redd was able to keep the rights to the the electronic games, even the video slots games. These 1.5 million$ were subtracted from the purchase price of Nevada Distributing Company which Bally Manufacturing bought it from him.

He founded a new company A-1 Supply and then acquired Nutting Enterprises an experienced video game manufacturer. He then built Draw Poker and Blackjack console machines. Redd chanced the name of the company to Sircoma an abbreviation of Si Redd Coin Machines, after his business flourished. The company became International Game Technology or IGT in 1981.

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