May 21st 2007

Slots games have their own vocabulary. You may not understand a thing if you do not know the meaning of some of the words used in this game. Beginner players in particular are well advised to take a look at these terms.

Coin Size: This refers to how much you can bet. In this case you are allowed to bet more than one coin.

Coins per spin: How many coins you can bet each time you pull the handle or push the button and the reels spin.

Fill: Sometimes the hopper will run out of coins. In this case a casino employee will refill the hopper with coins from the cashier.

Hit Rate: The average amount of time that passes between winning spins and losing spins.

Hold: Out of all the money you spend playing slots, the house will always retain a certain percentage. This is how the house makes money. This percentage can be anywhere between 3% and 15%.

Hopper: The coins inserted into slots machine by players are collected in a special device called a hopper. Most of the times the hopper contains so many coins that it overflows. That is why the casinos must place buckets underneath the hopper. All the coins that fall into the bucket are considered house profit and the casino will take that money. Casino employees empty the buckets frequently, but usually I the early morning when there aren't many people to see them.

Max Bet: The maximum number of coins that you can bet on a spin.

Pay cycle: Slot machines must follow a certain programming. That programming must ensure that the machine has a required payout percentage. That is why most players believe that a machine will start to pay out after a certain amount of coins have been introduced in order to respect those required percentages.

Pay line: The most common pay line is the one in the middle of the window or screen. But there are also machines that have 3 pay lines or even 5 pay lines. If you get winning symbols in a pay line then you will receive a payout.

Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot is the best payout a player can get. A progressive jackpot is a jackpot that keeps growing. As more gamblers play progressive slot machines, the bigger the progressive jackpot gets.

Reels: Most machines have three reels, and on these reels the symbols are displayed. There are machines with just two reels and machines that have even more than four reels. Remember that your odds are smaller with each reel that is added. So the more reels a machine has, the worst your chances of winning are.

Symbols: The representation or image depicted on the reels. The manufacturer's imagination is the only limit to what these symbols can represent. They can be representations of anything we want.

Take cycle: See the paying cycle presented above. This is its opposite. So if you believe in the pay/take cycle theory, then it is only logical that a pay cycle will be followed by a take cycle. In that case your chances of winning are minimal. The machine will only take your money in a take cycle.

Tilt: There are several reasons why a slots machine will tilt. These reasons can vary from an empty hopper to a blocked coin to any other technical malfunction. The machine will stop and the "tilt" light will come on. Do not worry about your coins. The machine remembers how many coins it must payout. You will get your coins after the problem with the machine is fixed. From our knowledge slots machines always give correct payouts.

Top Prize: The best payout that a player can receive when playing a non progressive machine. Remember that you must always place a maximum coins bet in order to get such a payout.

Winning Combinations: All the possible winning outcomes on the pay table.

Wild Symbol: Jokers for example can take the place of any other symbol. They multiply when playing other types of slots.

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