May 15th 2007
Beginner players in particular are well advised to pay attention to the casino slot tips presented here. Unlike other casino games like blackjack and poker, slots have a high house advantage. The casino slot tips presented here are meant to help you lower that house advantage and increase your odds. If you know how to pick a favorable machine you may be just a pull of the handle away from a big payout.

Take a look at the casino slot tips presented below. If you are a beginner they will help you start on the right foot. If you have played slots before and are familiar with the game, these casino slot tips will improve your gaming experience. So no matter if you are a beginner or a passionate player, these casino slot tips will help you be on top of your game.

How to pick the right machine

Not all slot machines offer the same odds. There are loose slots that give frequent and good payouts, and tight machines that you should avoid because you will rarely get a payout when playing such machines. The main thing to keep in mind is that loose slots are placed in high traffic areas such as near change booths, kiosks or near crosswalks or slot aisles. Another thing to pay attention to when picking a slots machine is the coin denomination. Make sure the game you want to play has a suitable coin denomination.

Always bet maximum coins

Most of the times you will not be able to win the jackpot unless you bet maximum coins. But first make sure you can afford to place such bets. Coin denominations vary from one machine to another. So find a machine with an affordable coin denomination and always place maximum bets. What\'s the point of getting a jackpot if you haven\'t bet the maximum coins and will not get a jackpot payout?

3-reel slots are the best machines to play

3-reel slots have the lowest house advantage. So if you want to increase your odds as much as possible, play 3-reel slot machines. Even if there are newer and more attractive machines out there, their odds they offer are not as good as a classic 3-reel machine.

Pay attention to your slots card

Always pay attention to your slots card if you are using one. It is not uncommon for the card to shake loose from the machine. And if the card is not properly and all the way inserted you will not get your slots points. You are entitled to those points, so make sure that you avoid losing them in such a manner.

Make the most of your playing time

There are methods that you can use to prolong the time you spend playing slots. One of these methods is to use coins instead of bills. The more time you spend playing, the more fun you will have. Remember to also check out the payout table. There\'s no point in spending a lot of time playing a machine with a lousy payout table.

Proper bankroll management

Learning how to manage your bankroll is an extremely important part of playing a smart game. So make sure to always pay attention to how much money you have left. Spend only as much as you can afford, and walk away when you have spent your entire budgeted amount. This takes discipline and self control, and most players find it hard to resist the temptation of dipping into other funds. The time you spend playing has no influence on your chances to win, so if you have spent all your bankroll stop playing. This is the only way to prevent losing additional money.

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