May 15th 2007
Always set objectives

Always remember to set objectives regarding your budget for a day. Make a plan on how much money are you willing to spend in a particular day and stick to it unless money isn't a concern for you.

Don't play to hunt the big jackpot

Don't expect to win if you just play at a machine and play just for the jackpot. Play at other machines as well where the winnings are smaller but often. The nickel and penny machines are great if you just play for fun, you will spend a long time at the machine with little money.

Know when its time to leave the slot machine

Take just a couple of spins after a substantial win and then leave the machine. When you have a feeling that is time to move on, do it even if some players recommend spending a few hours at a machine.

It is important to manage your money

Know your budget at any time. Always try to use coins when you play because it is easier to keep track of your total spending and it keeps you a little extra time at the machine. Playing from your credit card is bad because you can have a surprise when it is time to pay the money back.

Know the machine's payoff schedule

It is recommended to know the payoff schedule of the machine you are about to sit and play. You may have disappointments if you didn't check it before. The winning sums may be smaller than you have thought and it is always better to be sure. Most certain that there will be machines that you will avoid after knowing this.

Collect your money

The machines offer the smaller jackpots while attendants offer the bigger ones. Be sure that you have collected the smaller ones before you leave the machine you have been playing.

The luck

It is the most important factor while playing slots. The small, big, and the jackpot wins always happen because of luck. Your wins come because of the luck as well. Don't forget this.

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