May 15th 2007
  1. The announced high percentage paying by the casinos is usually restricted only to a low number of slot machines, not all in the casino.

  2. In America, a slot machine will give a typically payout from 80% and 98% of the money that are put into them in case of a win.

  3. The exception to the tip mentioned above is in Las Vegas where a machine will give a typically payout from 94% and 98% of the money that are put into them in case of a win, due to the increased numbers of people that play the slots machines.

  4. The lowest payout percentage from a machine in case of a win, only 40% is applied to the machines that can be found in restaurants, bars, airports. It's no use playing at these machines.

  5. The best way to increase your chances of winning is by keep on playing at a machine with maximum coin bets.

  6. Despite the rumors you don't have a greater chance of winning if you play at a machine located at the entry of a casino.

  7. The game should be played according to each person's budget.

  8. Advertisement that are too appealing and give you high hopes of winning should be avoided.

  9. In order not to have your goods stolen try to resume your’re playing to one machine only at a time.

Remember the machine that is played influences the odds that it gives. Even if the winnings are higher at a progressive slot machine, the odds of winning are smaller than at a straight slot machine, which of course offers smaller winnings. Approximately one in every 64 spins brings a win at a one reel machine, compared to one in every 643 spins at a three reel machine.

The odds of winning increased drastically to approximately one in a million spin at a progressive game where the winnings are at the orders of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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