May 3rd 2007
The truth on 9-payline slot machines
One type of machine that may look standard is the 9 payline slot machine, because it can be often found in the casinos. They are different than the rest of the machines even if they look standard. The symbols are not shown on a mechanical reel but on a computer screen.

The picture on the right can be clicked in order to play a free version of the game. Most would thing that having all these reels and paylines the winning is for certain and a winning combination can be performed at every spin. The winnings that are almost certain do not cover the cost of the spin so they are useless.

The Paylines
The paylines are not the same at every 9 payline machine and this can be a problem. One of the simplest payline is the one that goes right across each row.

Another type of payline is the one that makes the winning combinations forming a \'V\' and an upside \'V\'. This type of combination doesn\'t exist a three reel, is easy to spot and for certain the winnings are big. They are but once again it depends on the machine.

Are there more payline layouts?
Other winning combinations do exist once again depending on the machine. This is a thing worth remembering before sitting down to play at a 9 payline machine. In the picture on the left some strange winning combinations can be noticed. The good thing about these types of machines is that you don\'t have to pay attention to the winning combinations as they are selected by the machine instantly. You can look for them just to make the game more entertaining.

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