May 15th 2007
Slot machines have been around for more than 100 years now. The inventor of the slot machine is Charles Fey, a German immigrant. In 1895 he came up with the first slot machine and in 1898 he came up with the famous Liberty Bell slot machine. This was a 3-reel, single payline machine. The symbols used where those found on playing cards, horse shoes and Liberty Bells. Winning a jackpot was announced by a ringing bell. This machine was encased in cast iron and its design is the predecessor of modern slot machines.

The Mills Novelty Company improved Fey's design and in 1910 came up with the Operator Bell machine. This machine was also encased in cast iron and weighed over 100 pounds. The symbols used were fruits, symbols which we can still see on modern slot machines. It also had a goose neck coin entry. The Mills Novelty Company produced over 30,000 such machines.

In 1915 Mills stopped manufacturing cast iron slot machines. Slot machines made of wood were cheaper and easier to manufacture.

The 1930's have been an important period in the history of slot machines. This is when the Mills Novelty Company made several important changes to the game. These changes made a deep impact on the gambling industry. One such change was the introduction of a double jackpot. This was a great marketing strategy that attracted a considerable number of players to the game. Other changes such as various colorful and eye-catching themes were introduced and were also meant to draw gamblers to the slots machines.

Bugsy Siegel was the first one to introduce slot machines to hotels. In the 1940's he placed some slot machines in his Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas. They were meant to keep the wives and girlfriend of high rollers entertained. But the slot machine proved to be very popular and generated incomes equal to those of casino table games.

In the 1990's slots become a very popular form of gambling. They were even more popular than most table games. Almost two-thirds of the income a casino generates comes from slots.

Nowadays you will no longer find any mechanical slot machines no matter where you gamble. All slot machines nowadays are run by computer chips that have a RNG or Random Number Generator. This ensures that you will play a random and fair game. You can even play online, from the comfort of your own home if you want. Going to a land based casino is no longer necessary if you want to play slots. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Online slots are the same as land based slots. They are run by similar computer chips that have the same RNG. Online casinos offer a large variety of slots games that you can play directly form your home. Things have certainly come a long way from Fey's original design.

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