May 15th 2007
In case you haven't played before, here are a few slot playing tips that slots players often learn the hard way, but shouldn't have to.

1. Most machines 'reward' you for playing the maximum number of coins. Always read up on the machine to see if you need to play with the maximum number of coins to win the decent sized jackpots. After this you can determine if the machine has the potential payouts you desire, at the cost you want.

2. You should not continue playing at a machine where you cannot manage to pay the maximum amount of coins. Play only at machines that are suitable to your bankroll in order to have chances of winning the big prize. Don't understand why? Read tip number 1.

3. Never leave or put coins into a machine that owes you money. Sometimes a machine runs out of money, if you leave the machine or hit buttons or put more coins in, you can destroy the evidence that the machine owes you anything. Instead, call for a manager without leaving your post. Repeat, don't leave the machine physically, and just yell for an attendant.

4. When you pick which game your going to play is sure to search for the slot machines that are advertised to payout between 95% and 99%. Although machines located beside each other may in fact look identical, they could each be programmed to return a completely different percentage rate.

5. Ensure your slots club card is in the machine and the light indicates as much. Those card readers are getting old and need the occasional adjustment. Sometimes they can shake loose, and you won't be rewarded for your play.

6. Never gamble to increase your comp credits, use them but only treat the comps as a bonus. Casinos now offer you the ability to 'comp yourself' using one of their player's club slot cards, so you get credit for each coin you insert in the machine.

7. The slot machines with the worst payout percentages (as low as 40%) are the ones in airports, bars and local restaurants. You should never play them if you don't want to give away your money.

8. I might be accused of repeating myself, but never leave your machine when you win the big prize. Ask someone to call the casino operator or jut wait for him there. If you will go looking for him someone else may come and claim your winnings.

9. Nurse your bankroll, if you are in a bad day stop playing and come back another time. Do not make the mistake of thinking that playing past your limits you will finally get your money back. This game is only about luck. If you wasn't lucky today, try tomorrow or in another day.

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