May 15th 2007
Since the day when they were invented, slot machines quickly became popular and loved by players. The companies who are manufacturing these machines realized that a major importance in their popularity is the theme that a machine features, so constantly they must reinvent the themes they have in order to survive.

Fruit machines are the machines that appeal to everyone. Bananas, cherries, lemons, oranges all sorts of different fruits presented as reel symbols are there to attract people and they do. For some inexplicable reason they seem to have a relaxing effect.

People started loving fruit machines ever since they first appeared, and that was just the firs step to bringing the idea of theme for a machine to the extreme. Actually I don't think that you will find an American icon, sitcom, or pop-culture game-show that hasn't been converted into a slot machine at one time or another. Everything from the Honeymooners to Wheel of Fortune has become slots in Vegas recently, and this are surely not going to be the last.

It s well known in marketing that popular names attract people and if the casinos would accomplish this, half of the battle would already be won. Designing a good game has almost become secondary to coming up with a good theme that fits the demographic. On that side it's sad, because all of this creative energy could be put into creating a more entertaining slot machine for us, but we can't complain too much, those Honeymooners slots are fun.

Video slots
Video slots are a close cousin of our friend, the regular old slot machine. Video slots are slot machines where the mechanisms and reels have all been digitized, so all you're doing is playing on a video screen watching computer graphics wiz by. Many people are disheartened by the artificial nature of these video slots, and crave the mechanical clatter of a real reel slot machine. The thing many of these people don't understand is that mechanical 'real' slot machines are completely digital too. The mechanical parts are all told what to do and how to act by a microprocessor (read, preprogrammed computer chip) implanted in its heart. So a real slot machine is no less digital than a game of video slots. Mechanical slot machines have been run by computers for decades now, ever since it was possible in the first place.

So playing video slots doesn't actually take any of the realness away, and doesn't affect the game the way you might think. Basically video slots exist just to provide slot machines capable of even crazier stuff than regular machines. You can imagine with a completely digital display that video slots can have animations in their graphics, and a whole lot more. Try them, you might find yourself a little more entertained while playing slots, which is the point after all right?

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