Dec 19th 2007
Slots Payout Percentage

In terms of payouts there is an obvious differentiation between land casinos and online rooms and slot machine payouts are one of the first games in which you can observe this difference. Online slot payout percentages can be as much as 20% greater than that of land based casinos.

Slot payout percentages are an important factor of a slots game. Slot payout percentages refer to the sum of money played back in each turn. For instance, a player gambling on a slot machine is keeping his winnings separately. Then he takes the turns until his original pot is worn-out. Checking the money he has left he calculates the slot machine payout percentage based on how many spins he has made.

In general, average slot machine payouts are between 52% and 90% of each spin, and this is regularly based on many spins. It is not possible to determine the payout percentage of a machine after one or two spins, and for that reason it is sensible to go on playing over 100 turns before calculating.

When discussing casino slot payouts must be covered also the hit frequency issue. Hit frequency approximates how many times it is feasible to win even the smallest of amounts. Hit frequencies figures are somewhere from 5% to 90%. Between casino slot payouts and hit frequencies is no direct relationship so the best is to look for slot machines that offer a great average of both. Though, for short term play, the constancy of the payments is more significant than waiting for a large payout.

Because a slot machine has no set guidelines and the spins are entirely random slot payout percentages vary from machine to machine and change during each play. Slot machine winnings depend purely on a player’s luck and even a machine has a consistently high payout rate for one player will not automatically have high payouts for another player. Trial and error is vital when playing slots.

When you play slots it’s also important to take into account the profits made from each type of slot machine game. Land based casino slot payouts are lower so casinos earn more from your spins. For instance you need to play the slots for a certain amount of spins before you reach the complete effect of the slot payout percentage. For each spin, the casino will win part of this money that is not paid out.

Classic casino games can bring the casino 25% earnings on your turn. An online casino puts forward higher payout percentages, and will consequently only make an average of 5% profit on your turns. Yet, you cannot make these ballpark figures on lesser than 100 spins, so distinguishing your spending limits and respecting them is prudent when you're finding the slot machine payouts that go well with you.

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