Apr 2nd 2008
For sure you've heard being said that "slots winning odds can be calculated just like counting cards and the order of symbols can be guessed". I'm not sure now how many of you believed this affirmation and how many of you wondered if this is true.

However, I am here to ruining your thoughts on this. I'll start by saying that such an affirmation can be made either by people who have no clue on how the slots work or by people who want to rip you off.

And now, I'll back up my affirmations by starting to explain you why that pesky RNG generates random numbers. Everything starts with you pushing the 'play' button. Now, the program will pick the latest 'set' of numbers generated. Now, the numbers in the 'set' are the symbols that appear on your reels, so if you play 3 reel slot machines you’ll get 3 numbers in the set. When the reels spin, the slot machine RNG has already calculated where they are going to stop.

Indeed it would be advantageous for you to be able to guess where the reels will stop and then to calculate the odds of the following spin. But this is as in roulette; there is no fixed sequence between slot machine spins. The slot machine RNG calculates hundreds if not thousands of spins and virtual stops in just a few seconds, those seconds you paused between each play. This it means that you have millions of doable combinations for a win or lose every minute.

This results in casino's possibility to offer you those wonderful slot machine jackpots. But oh my! this sends us to another slot machine myth: if a machine is played for a long period of time without offering a win, the for sure soon it will offer a succulent slot machine jackpot.

Once and for all guys! Every slot machine spin is virtual and nothing can be done to guess … anything! The slot machine RNG is designed to reveal spins unrelated with the previous one. Or maybe, there it could be a solution: that of being able to press play every 1/1000 of a second. But you won't, so no matter if you have just won or not you have the same chance of hitting a further winning combination.

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