May 15th 2007
You don't need to be overwhelmed in the slot players' world any longer. Here follow simple things like a few slot players etiquette tips that can guide to a better slot playing style.

Saving Your Seat. When you see a coin cup on a chair in front of a slot machine, it usually means that the machine is being saved while a player has taken a break. Where coin cups are not available in casinos that use coinless machines, players may also place an ashtray, or jacket on the chair to hold it. Respect this sign and look for another machine. If you are saving a machine, get back to it as quickly as possible. Obviously if you are playing online, you can leave your machine whenever you feel like it without a worry.

Playing Multiple Machines. If you like to increase your chances of winning (or losing) fast, and like to play more than one machine at a time, be considerate of other players. During crowded times (this usually means weekends) refrain from playing more than one machine.

Player's Cards Left in Machines. Sometimes players forget their player's (or slot) club cards when they leave a machine. If you find another player's card, just place it on top or next to the machine. Many times a player will realize that they have forgotten their card and go back to the last machine they were playing. If you place it close by the machine they can find it quickly, saving time instead of standing in line for a new card.

Smoking. As smoking is a controversial subject, I will refrain from social commentary. However, if you are a smoker in a casino that allows smoking, whenever possible; position your cigarette or ashtray in a way so your smoke is not annoying another player at an adjacent machine.

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