Sep 15th 2011
As slots gain more and more popularity at online casinos, it is no wonder many are playing for those slot progressive jackpots. Progressive jackpots draw in players looking to play slots online and win large prizes and bonuses. With slots being a game of luck, progressive jackpots are accessible to most online gamers in regards to skill level. Those gamers however do not always know which progressive slot jackpot is right for them. There are different kinds of progressives with different positives and negatives. As part of a slots strategy, players can weigh the pros and cons of playing a slot game attached with those attractive progressive jackpots.

Pros of Playing Progressive Jackpots

The main positive of playing a progressive slot game for many players are those growing jackpots prizes with even larger payouts. The jackpots can even multiply on some games. Some online casinos host slots games that play out with several progressive jackpots, all on one game. With multiple jackpots, there are more chances to win. While the pay out may be small in some cases and larger in others, there are jackpots to be had regardless.

Many players also find certain types of progressive jackpots to carry great benefits. Random progressive jackpots select winners completely and ironically at random. Slot goers do not need to spin after spin to get the matching winning combination. Random progressives can occur at any time and instantly turn a player into a winner. These types of jackpots are offered at most online casinos, but players should always check the terms and conditions on the game to see if it is one of them.

Many progressives also get players more into the slots games, turning up the entertain volume with bonus rounds. To reach the bonus round on most slot games, players must land on a symbol unique to the game. This can take those players into an interactive bonus round where a progressive jackpot is up for grabs.

Cons of Playing Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can be incredibly convincing with the numbers showcasing big bucks. Players should not let those amounts just go to their heads. If a larger progressive is featured on a slot game, this jackpot prize most likely payouts only a few times throughout the year. In other words, a player’s chances of winning are not always in their favor. Even the progressives that pay out constantly don’t offer much to players. They are usually just small bonus prizes.

Online casinos also limit progressive slots somewhat. Players should consult online reviews and read about the game they select. Often times, the progressive must be wagered with a larger coin denomination. Also, all paylines have to be enabled at most online casinos offering slot progressive games. Predictably, costs can add up while playing slot progressives.

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Pros and Cons of Playing Progressive Jackpots

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