May 18th 2007
Progressive slot machines simply stockpiles what's sometimes a pretty huge jackpot, and requires the maximum number of coins to win a slot machine jackpot. The amount of the slot machine jackpot is determined by the total amount of coins (or dollars) that are played by whoever uses the machine, and increases continually with each sequence of plays. Progressive are also called dynamic slot machine jackpots (because they always increase).

You will find in casinos progressives machines that are not owned by them. They are owned by big companies and the casinos only offer them the space in exchange for a very small take. The reason for what casinos also rent the space for these machines is that they are very popular among players and so they can attract a bigger number of gamblers at the casino. The jackpots for these machines owned by big companies are enormous but they hold smaller odds on chances of hiting the big jackpot.

The progressive slot machines with the better odds that you can find are the ones actually owned by a casino. These smaller progressives are only connected to the slot machines from that casino or maybe connected to a set of machines from 2 or 3 casinos owned by the same person or who made a fusion for these progressive slot machines. These smaller progressives offer much lower jackpots, but also offer much better odds than the large universal progressives.

Progressive slots you will also find online. Online casinos that offer progressives will usually have some sort of display of the current jackpot and you'll see the numbers increase. From there, it's an easy thing to locate them on the site.

They work in very much the same way as those that you would find at the casinos. In most cases, all progressives are hooked up to one online progressive jackpot, which increase with each play by a fraction of what is put into the machines. Logically, the longer you play the more you can win, that is if nobody beats you to it. The jackpot keeps growing until some lucky player hits it, at which point it goes back to a pre-set starting value. It can be a little disappointing to see it drop, especially if you were one of the other players at the time.

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