May 18th 2007
Practice is necessary before playing at a slot machine. Free slots games are the ideal place to do it, but in a fairly amount of time. Patience is the key for anyone who expects to win big at the slots, despite all those rumors and stories about different secrets and methods of winning.

You will be greeted with different methods for winnings on the internet, all of them having a price, each having a different secret formula that is "guaranteed". Sticking to your routine and keep on playing is the perfect way of making money, and any expert knows it. Pulling the lever in a way, or making different combinations of bets, or different combinations of buttons won't bring you the much desired prize.

Winning the jackpot depends on the player's luck, and on the timing, playing a certain machine at a certain moment may bring you lots of happiness. This timing doesn't depend on the time you have spent at a machine, it differs, it could be hours or it could be seconds.

Some of the people which are to be mentioned have won fabulous prizes without the use of a certain strategy and without spending their entire time in a casino and this could be your story if you give it a try: Rose Riskus, after just 3 minutes of playing at Harrah's casino in Atlantic City won a fabulous prize of $1,033,611. Luck was all that mattered giving the short little time she spent playing.

Don Mullen spent 3 days at Sands casino in Atlantic City competing with almost 500 players for a prize of 50000$. The luck stroked him from all the competitors and went home with the prize. And last Jimmy Rector after spending just 60$ at a Wheel of Fortune machine at Casino Hollywood, won the enormous sum of $1,551,831, proving that luck it's all that a player needs.

Stories from all kind of players can be found all over the internet, and maybe this stories will inspire you to give it a shot, and play and maybe you will be the hero of another great prize winning story.

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