May 21st 2010
Slots is a game of luck, not really skill, but with more knowledge of the game, players are able to better improve their chances of winning or at least winning big which is always a benefit. The only real working strategy in slot s that goes uncontested is the maximum betting strategy. To summarize, this means going in with maximum bets because it makes players eligible to receive the largest jackpot. It can’t guarantee a win, but can make it a bigger one when it does happen.

With any slots game, the rule of thumb is the more you bet, the more you may be lucky enough to win. Not all players are aware of this and that means even if they have the bankroll, they aren’t always taking advantage of everything that they could be and might be missing out on some large winning opportunities. The way jackpot winnings work depend upon the type of game; with fixed slot jackpots the more players bet directly depends upon their winnings. Winnings are distributed based on total number of credits. So, if a jackpot is set at 5000 coins up to a maximum of $50,000, it doesn’t mean that all players will get that jackpot. Players who wager just $1 will have a maximum jackpot of $5,000, and those that get to play for the $50 will be players who wager $10. With fixed jackpot games, the exact amount always matters, so it’s always good for players to bet as much as they’re able to without exceeding their bankroll.

Progressive slot games aren’t so different from fixed jackpot games as they also benefit from betting the maximum – however, with these games it’s even more important. The progressive jackpot amount is only available to those who do bet the absolute maximum number of coins allowed per pull on the game. They don’t follow a tiered structure like fixed jackpot games, so those who bet less automatically only get the limited fixed jackpot that’s on offer. With progressive jackpot games, this is often much smaller than the total jackpot up for grabs. For example, progressives known to go into the millions may only have a fixed jackpot of $10,000. So, with progressive jackpots, those players that can afford to should always bet the maximum number of coins when playing any video slot game and that means betting on each payline.

There are a couple of casino slots game types that don’t directly benefit from maximum bets, but more money can still make a difference. Random progressive jackpots are games that don’t require a specific combination to appear on the reels. A win can happen anytime. That being said, more money increases the chances of that random win popping up so the odds might be better for those that bet more – however, those that bet little can win too! The other game type is the bonus bet games which have optional bonus bets and rounds. These games require players to bet on the optional bonus bet to trigger the bonus round during a game which can massively increase the amount they can win.

In general, betting more means winning more with slot games, regardless of the type played. Though players should still keep their bankroll limitations in mind at the same time, while taking advantage of this knowledge.

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