Sep 6th 2011
South of the border in the United States, there’s been a lot of talk about what’s going to happen to the USA online casino and poker industry and whether or not the country is going to regulate it. This has gotten casino players and government officials North of the border talking in wonder about the future of online casinos in Canada.

Gambling is not illegal in Canada offline or online, but with one small exception, there are not any casinos in Canada online that are based and licensed in the country, at least not those that are operating legally. This means that players need to play at offshore online casinos if they are Canadian and they contribute to foreign economies. To date, it doesn’t sound like there will be any other rules enforced, preventing players from depositing at online casinos in general to play their favourite online slots games or other gambling games featured.

In fact, there has been some talk about making some changes to gambling laws in Canada that could be of great benefit to players as well as the economy. There is one part of the country that has been licensed to host online casinos, and that’s a native reservation in Khanawake, Quebec. This was the first region to receive licensing, and it doesn’t even extend to the rest of the province.

By not offering online gambling licenses, allowing Canadian casinos to operate legally when based in the country, they are missing out on an economy that could make as much as $1 billion per year, which is the current figure spent by Canadian’s at online casinos that are licensed offshore, because these are the only options that are available to them.. At a time when the economy has been suffering, it should come as no surprise that there have been talks to rectify this. Earlier this year, Quebec began discussions into offering the rest of Quebec, and not just Khanawake licensing options for online slots casino operation. Manitoba quickly followed suit hoping to tap into the Canadian market!

That might just change, however. As online gambling would be moderated at the provincial level and some of the provincial governments have been chatting to see if they can introduce the hosting of online slots in their provinces. Quebec started discussing this option – since Khanawake is already based in the province, it wouldn’t be a big change for them. Manitoba is another province that hopes to also offer licensing in the future.

There has been no timeline indicated as to when any changes might be made, if at all, to allow online gambling in Canada, but players are anxiously awaiting that decision so they can get in on the gambling fun and also make a direct contribution to their country. For others, the decision is one that want to hear about because of the new job market that could be created.

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