Mar 20th 2012

Microgaming is one of the largest software companies that make the games for the online gambling market. There is a new addition to their array of existing Bingo games along with three new Microgaming slots games that have been introduced to make it more attractive to play slots online. Three side games can now be played in conjunction with the original one, these are: Supe It Up, Wasabi San, and Fruit Bingo.

The developers of the game have been providing online services for since the development of the first online game in 1994. They are the market leaders in developing new online slots games for the gambling industry. The online bingo has been quite successful on its own for Microgaming so they intend to add extra features to it that will enhance the player’s experience. The features are the three new slots that can be played as side games to the bingo.

The three new Microgaming slots games include Supe It Up, which is a hot-rod themed 25 payline multiple coin video slot. This great fast paced game has a grand total of 41 winning combinations and a Free Spins feature that will keep the players busy and entertained as they hang on to the edge of their seats with this game. The speed is enough to keep players on their toes and just when there the maximum combos have been reached, a Wild feature can double the number of winning combinations.

Wasabi San is another new Microgaming slot machine game introduced with a Japanese sushi theme that will add a tantalizing flavor for the players. It is a multiple coin slot that uses lots of colorful visual imagery to get the player’s hungry attention and appetite for the game. It has 15 payline combination screen and gets lucky players to win a Bonus Game or a Free Spin to keep their taste buds on the roll. The game is sure the spark the imagination of any player that enjoys a simple yet stimulating new Microgaming slot.

The final addition to the bingo side games is Fruit Bingo. This is a special Microgaming innovation that incorporates a bingo aspect into a regular Pub Slot. It is in essence a simplified version of a pub slot that is entertaining for players will all levels of skill. This is a classic five symbol reel band that with a fruity touch and five different win amounts to keep the player’s spinning. Its simplicity makes it a fantastic game for novice and veteran players alike when they are looking to take a break from the bingo game.

“Side games are proving a vital component in enhancing the bingo playing community’s gaming experience,” said Neill Whyte, Head Of Bingo for Microgaming. “With side game popularity at an all-time high, Microgaming is constantly striving to provide players with better content, better value, ever more chances to win and a better all-round entertainment experience.”

Players will be kept busy with an array of different options and new Microgaming slots games that will give more dimensions to the original bingo game that is already appealing to players on its own.

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