May 15th 2007
  1. A certified win will occur in any moment at a machine that didn't paid out for a long time and lots of money have been played at this specific machine. The results are always random, they don't follow a pattern resulting this myth is false.

  2. Coins with different temperature should be played depending on the temperature of the machine. Cold coins should be used for cold machines and warm or heated coins should be used for warm machines. This is clearly false as the temperature of the machine or of the coins cannot influence the result of the spins.

  3. The jackpot can't be won at a machine that just paid out one only after a long period of time. This myth is false as the outcome of the spin is always random and it doesn't follow a pattern. Months, days, even hours can pass until the Jackpot can be won in this case. It's just about chance.

  4. The machines pay outs are influenced by the casinos by tightening or loosening the machines. Once again it is to be remembered that the machines offer a random payout. These payouts are influenced just by the standards of each state and are set by the manufacturers. Casinos just observe the wins and losses they do not determine them.
  1. There exist a difference between the slot machines may it be at the pay out rates or the number of reels and so on. The difference is inside, at the system of a machine not at its surface.

  2. The advantage is always on the casino's side. Between 83% and 99% of the coins placed into a machine will be paid out at almost any casino. A payout rate over 100% can be found at the American-Slots.Net slot game. Of course this game for free and is to be played just for fun but the satisfaction is guaranteed. Go try it out.

  3. The machine's microprocessor is responsible for the outcome of the spin. An influence from the player can not be achieved. Dancing, jiggling or snapping the fingers won't do the player any good. It is just an impression that they influence the outcome whatsoever.

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