May 15th 2007
Classic slot machines have just one payline. This payline is usually the horizontal line in the middle of the screen. Multi-line machines have more than just one payline. Sometimes they have as many as 5 paylines.

Some multi-line machines have 3 paylines. These are the horizontal lines that you see on the screen. Basically these paylines are made up of the traditional payline plus the other two lines directly above and beneath it. More paylines mean more chances for the player to get a winning symbol combination.

Some multi-line slots have 5 paylines: the three horizontal paylines that you will find on simpler machines plus two diagonal paylines. Every coin that you will insert will activate a payline. If you want to activate all 5 paylines you will have to bet 5 coins. If you bet 3 coins for example you will activate only the first three paylines, the horizontal ones. You will not receive a payout if you get a winning symbol combination on the diagonal paylines.

When playing a classic slots machine the number of coins you bet influences the payout you will receive. You will get a bigger payout if you place bigger bets. Multi-line slots work differently. The more coins you bet the more paylines you activate. Usually the high numbered paylines have the best payouts. That is why players gamble the maximum amount of coins when playing these machines.

When playing in an online casino usually you are allowed to change how much you can bet per spin. This means that you can actually modify the coin size for a specific game. You will thus be able to use the same bankroll when playing a 3 payline game for $1 per line or a 5 payline game for $0.50 per line.

Multi-line machines have different features, depending on the type of game and the manufacturer of that game. Some machines have wild symbols which can act as multipliers, while other machines offer progressive jackpots or bonus rounds. It all depends on the game and what if has to offer.

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