Aug 31st 2009
When one asks what is MIT Blackjack the answer can’t be simple and small on the score of 2 factors: its story is very long and interesting and that respectable group of people cause such a respect that people speak about for hours. There are lots of MIT blackjack modern fan clubs that tend to learn their gambling for real money strategies but undoubtedly today nobody will become the same gambling heroes as they were.

So, let’s make out in their history from the very beginning. MIT is the abbreviation to Massachusetts Institute of Technology that is considered to be the best all over the world. The thing is that it has strong high rate education and talented skilful students. Thus MIT student once managed to create the 100% system to win in online blackjack while gambling for real money that they became the national heroes of the 90s. The history of the team studied when the students attended cards underground club where they played cards in a non-traditional way. They used various methods of mathematical expectation and probability theory to win. Blackjack was not exception and once they managed to create perfect system of cards counting while gambling for real money in team.

They played in team and every person was very significant for the team and it wasn’t matter what he did. One played as a so called "Observer". He watched the online casino game and counted cards and later he flashed a signal to his colleagues. Another one was at the game where he made small bets to play the role of average gambler. A special gambler played aggressively to stir up discord to the game. And the last one was a real gambler that was to win while gambling for real money.

The legends of MIT Blackjack team are known all over the world^ the writers write books about them while film directors shot their movies. They are undoubtedly national heroes that are worth being them.

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