May 15th 2007
There are plenty of bad slot machines tips out there. Some are just bad, but others are simply wrong. If you are a beginner, pay attention to the tips presented below and find out what tips you should not follow.

Some loose slots may pay as much as 100%, after a certain amount of time.
This is not true. A slot machine may be programmed to pay out 100%, but only for promotional purposes that will last for a short amount of time. Other than this case, no slot machine will pay 100% over any amount of time.

You will have better chances for a payout if you play a slot machine with more symbols.
You couldn\'t be more mistaken. Your chances of winning do not depend on the number of symbols. All the symbols are programmed to have a certain chance of appearing. Some symbols appear more often, while other symbols rarely appear. This means that your chances of winning depend on the program the machine follows, not the number of symbols.

Looser machines are usually placed in the high-traffic area of the casino, where you can frequently see players win.
This is nothing more than a slot machines myth, but a popular one none the less. You will see people win more in the high traffic areas because more players use those machines. This means that the machine will pay out according to how much play time it had. More play time, more payouts. That is why you will rarely see a payout in a part of the casino where not many players go.

Avoid playing two machines at a time because tight slots are usually placed next loose ones.
This is not a bad idea actually, but only because playing two slot machines at the same time you will spend your budget twice as fast. This is the only reason why you should ever pay any attention to this bad tip.

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