May 4th 2007
Read this article and find out what the differences between land-based slots and online slots are.

The percentage payout that a certain slot machine or game offers over a given amount of time is known as a payout rate. This is just one of the many differences between land casino slots and online slots.

Land based casino slots usually offer a payout that varies from 65% to 85%. Online casino slots on the other hand have payout rates that vary from 89% to 99.5%. This doesn't seem like much of a difference, but in fact it has a great influence on the player's odds and the amount of money he will win.

Online Slots that offer 95% payouts

Let's take an online slots game that offers a 95% payout for example. This type of game is very common in online casinos, and some casinos even have games that offer higher payouts. You will find slots games that offer payouts of 97.5 if you visit INTERCASINO and games that offer payouts of 98 if you visit SLOTLAND.

Let's say that you have been playing a game with a 95% payout and that you have been placing $10 bets for every spin. In this case you should win $95 every 10 spins. You have played 10 spins and a total of $100 and lost only $5. The house profit is only 5% when playing such a game.

Land Based Casino Slots that offer 75% payouts

We will now use as an example a land based casino slots game that offers a 75% payout. If you place the same bet of $10 for every spin you can expect to win only $75 every 10 spins. This means that out of $100 you get back only $75. The house makes a profit as high as 25% in this type of game.

There is one more thing that most players are not aware of. Sometimes slots machines offer higher payouts than standard, and other times they will offer lower payouts than standard. That is why you must always check the payout rate a game offers before starting to play.

Online slots games are more preferable to play. The reason why you are better of playing online than in a land based casino is the payout rates the games offer. Online slots simply have better payouts, and better payouts mean higher odds for the player. Also, because of the high payout rates you will not lose your bankroll as fast as when playing in a land based casino.

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