Oct 11th 2011
Slots games are without a doubt one of the most popular categories of online casino games and it therefore comes as no surprise that slot tournaments online have been extremely popular as well, especially today. Whether played online or in brick and mortar casinos, slots tournaments add more excitement to slot games which tend to be based on minimal strategy and no competition. Of course, there’s also the factor that there’s usually a bigger jackpot up for grabs as well . Slot games online or offline , at least as far as tournaments go haven’t had as long of a history as other types of tournaments like poker, but there is still a background.

Slot tournaments only began around the time that online casinos were becoming more popular in the mid to late 90’s. This was also around the time that more and more people had computers at home that they were using for recreation. Brick and mortar casinos hosted slot tournaments previously, but it was also around this time that they really rose in popularity too. In the early days, brick and mortar casinos definitely had a substantially higher number of slot tournaments than could be found online. The first slot tournament in history took place in 1990 at a California hotel; a brick and mortar tournament environment that has been described as extremely chaotic because of the sprawl of slot machines.

Around the year 2000 online slot tournaments made a more regular appearance at some of the leading online casinos. In part, their increase in popularity can be related to the fact that there were new software packages released that truly changed the casino industry. Microgaming in particular brought about software that made it simple for casinos to host the tournaments, and of course, the software enhanced player experience as well. In 2007 Micrgoaming slots tournaments introduced the Multi-Player Software, an updated version that truly made a difference.

Now, most online slots casinos that are popular have slot tournaments. Some offered as frequently as weekly, while others just do it now and again. The types of tournaments include freeroll tournaments which are free to join, or even tournaments that have an entrance fee. The free tournaments tend to have a lower overall jackpot while the pay to play ones give players a chance to win more.

Finding a slot tournament is as easy as looking at any online casino and checking with their tournament or event schedule. Once players find one they’re interested in, they can play online slots tournaments for in the online slots freeroll format in order to get a feel for them. It may not help improve their odds of winning, but it never hurts to be familiar.

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