May 4th 2007
  1. Carousel
  2. Slot machines which are positioned in groups in a casino. They are positioned one near the other for various reasons like sharing the jackpot or having the same amount of minimum payout rate.

  3. Cold
  4. A machine where there hasn\'t been a win for a long time.

  5. Hot
  6. A machine where there has recently been a win.

  7. Loose
  8. A slot machine with a higher payout percentage is a loose machine.

  9. Tight
  10. A slot machine with a lower payout percentage is a tight machine.

  11. Classic Slot
  12. A machine with only one payline and only three reels is considered a classic slot machine.

  13. Bonus Slot
  14. This type of machine has an extra screen which usually unlocks a game by various combinations such as hitting a certain winning combination or hitting a combination for a certain number of times. For example hitting the Bell symbol for the third time unlocks the bonus screen.

    Different slot machines have different bonus screens. The online version has bonus screens at each slot game. In the regular casinos only the video slot machines have a bonus screen game.

  15. Wild Symbol
  16. It is a symbol on the reels that can complete a winning combination with other two symbols on a payline. They cannot complete a winning combination on their own.

  17. Scatter Symbol
  18. Only the video slot machines have these symbols. The benefit is that a winning combination can be made with the scatter symbols no matter where they are located on the screen.

  19. Payline
  20. The payline is the line where the symbols that make a winning combination must stop. The middle row payline is the most common. Up to 20 different paylines may be found on a video machine, in some cases each payline requiring a bet on it to be activated. Each payline usually requires a coin for activation.

  21. RNG
  22. Stands for Random Number Generator. The fate of the reels depends on this chip. The spins are not influenced one by another which means a winning combination may come just after another one.

  23. Skill Slot
  24. This is a bonus game in which the player relies more on skill than chance. The Card Sharks slot game produced by Realtime Gaming is the best example, where a player must guess the value of a card higher or lower than the faced up card. Other bonus games require chance not skill.

  25. Reel
  26. The reels are the determination of a game. The games are classified after the number of reels they have: 3 reel, 5 reel games and so on. The symbols are placed on the reels.

  27. Slot Tournaments
  28. It is contest where the players start with the same amount of money and whoever gathers the most number of points in a predefined period of time wins.

  29. Payout Table
  30. It is a list with how money each winning combination pays out and alos all the winning combinations are listed.

  31. Progressive
  32. The jackpot keeps on increasing at a progressive slot machine. The jackpot is contained from a small portion of each bet. The jackpot increases very fast as it reaches a certain sum because then the machines are played the most.

  33. Jackpot
  34. It is the biggest payout that a machine offers.

  35. Hold Feature
  36. It is a feature which offers the player the possibility to lock a certain reel or reels in place. These reels are the only ones that won\'t spin at the next turn. It can be associated with the poker game where some cards are held till the next round. The winnings are increased with this feature especially if at the first spin a winning combination is held.

  37. Active Payline
  38. This is a payline which has been activated by a coin. The winnings are payed out only if the payline has been initially activated.

  39. Multiline Slot
  40. This is a slot machine that contains more paylines.

  41. Video Slot
  42. This is a type of slots that instead of the mechanical reels use a computer screen. Extra reels and features can be played at this type of slots.

  43. Arm
  44. This is the lever that needs to be pulled to make the reels spin. Not all the machines have these levers in our days as they have been replaced by spin buttons on most of the mechanical slots and on all of the video slots.

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