Jan 16th 2008
Slot Machines Jackpot

  1. Look for jackpot slot machines with the highest payout percentages – between 95 and 99. These are mostly $1 and higher jackpot slot machines.

  2. Use bribe. Sounds like a joke, but actually it is not. If you play in a land based casino bribe an employee to tell you where the area with the best jackpot slot machines is.

  3. Again, if you play in a land based casino you must take into account the location factor. The location of a slot machine indicates how loose or tight (those to avoid) the machine is. Usually, loose slots can be found near the change booths, on elevated carousels, near the coffee shop/cafe/snack bar, etc. Tight machines are usually near casino entrances, around or near the sports book/racing areas, near the ticket/show lines, etc.

  4. Stick to one machine. Don’t play multiple-pay line slots because instead of increasing your odds as you may think, you are actually decreasing them drastically.

  5. Take good care of your slots card. Always remember to insert it in the machine before play and also remember to take it out when you leave that machine.

  6. Learn to control yourself and when it is time to leave a slot machine. Money management can be also a good slot machine strategy in this case. Pocket 25% or 50% or 75% and add the remainder to your bankroll for more playing, or keep it all.

  7. If the slot machine you are playing already for a while doesn’t pay you back you should try the one next to you. According to industry sources, the casinos never place two loose machines next to each other.

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