May 2nd 2007
Unfortunately more and more people are faced with this problem. Read this article to find out what the signs of online gambling addiction are and what to do when faced with this situation.

Online gambling addiction is a serious problem. While most people that gamble never have such problems, there are some that become addicted to gambling. Although the percentage of players that are addicted is not that big, it is still a serious problem that must be addressed if we want to have what is known as responsible gambling.

Do you think you have an online gambling addiction problem? Think that you may be addicted to gambling? Than here is a quick and easy way to find out. Just answer the questions below and you will know for sure.

  1. Did you ever cut school or lost time from work because of gambling?

  2. Did you have problems at home because of gambling?

  3. Has your reputation been harmed because of gambling?

  4. Did gambling cause you to have any regrets?

  5. Have you ever used gambling as a means to make money, pay debts or solve any other financial issues?

  6. Are you less ambitious or less efficient because of gambling?

  7. When losing do you feel like you can't wait to come back and make up for those loses?

  8. When winning do you feel like you can't wait to go back and win some more?

  9. Have you ever gambled all your money until you had none left?

  10. Did you ever borrow money in order to gamble with?

  11. Have you ever sold any of your possessions because you had no money to gamble with?

  12. Have you ever been unwilling to use "gambling money" in order to pay for household expenses?

  13. Did you neglect your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your family members because of gambling?

  14. Have you ever gambled for a bigger period of time than you first intended?

  15. Is gambling a method to forget about your worries and troubles?

  16. Have you ever thought about doing something illegal in order to make some money to gamble with?

  17. Do you find it hard to sleep at night because of gambling?

  18. Is gambling a method to forget about arguments, disappointments or frustrations?

  19. Do you feel like celebrating good fortune by gambling?

  20. Has gambling ever made you feel like there's no point in living anymore?

If you have answered "YES" to at least seven questions then you may be a problem gambling case. This is not a laughing matter and you should seek help. Compulsive gamblers can find help by visiting They have a good recovery program that you can enlist to.

If you do not want to enlist in this program or you can't enlist, then you should at least find a friend and tell him your problem. The first step is admitting you have a problem and your friend will give you the moral support you need to get offer this.

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