Sep 17th 2007
How Slot Machines Work

Wondering how slot machines work? Well, let's see what they are for first. New slot machines are mechanical devices with a varying number of circular reels of different dimensions. On these reels are painted or attached symbols depicting many themes with the most famous symbol being the red cherry, bars, or the jackpot symbol #7. The theme of the symbols that slot machines have has no importance whatsoever in the pay outs or the way the slot machine will work and play.

Playing slot machines is an easy task. New slot machines have a coin slot where players need to insert a number of coins or gaming tokens to be able to pull the handle of the coin operated slot machine to start a game round. The coin slot machines handle is fixed to the right side of the machine that sets the reels spinning. The reels stop the progress of spinning in order from left to right on the screen.

The slot machine game objective is to line up matching symbols on all of the machines reels. On front of the machine or just above it is the information outlining the available winning combinations and the amount that each one pays whenever it appears on the active pay line.

Some new slot machines instead of a handle have a button which is marked as Spin or Credit and it has the same action as the handle, which starts the reels spinning. Slot machines that have the button marked Credit are more special. If the Credit button is pressed before inserting coins, the casino slot machine will automatically credit winnings to a credit meter instead of paying in coins.

The credited winnings appear numerically on the machine's credit meter display. The player has the option of cashing out these credits or to continue playing them. If the player chooses the second option he can continue by pressing the button marked â€~play one credit’ and each time the button is pushed, the slot machine will cut off one credit from the credit meter and schedule one matching coin as coin in. This button can be pushed until the slot machines game reaches it's maximum coin limit.

Most of the new slot machines also have one more button marked "play maximum coins", sometime also called as "play five coins" if that slot machines game maximum is five coins, or "play four coins" if that slot machines game maximum is four, and so on.

To cash out the credits the player must press the button marked â€~Collect’ so he or she will be paid out in coins or gaming tokens all the credits indicated on the credit meter, which will fall in a plate mounted at the bottom of the machine.

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