May 2nd 2007
This exotic game, the 8-Liner was the very first slot game I have ever played. It is also a 9 reel slots game. The most games have up to five paylines or usually they have just three reels with three symbols displayed after the stop. The paylines go across each of the 3 rows plus the two diagonals at the 5 payline machine just as it can be seen in the picture.

The 8 payline game has an extra three paylines which go up and down of each column. If you remember the Tic-Tac-Toe game, that is how the reels are arranged. A good thing about the game is that it is easy to watch the winning combinations even if with so many paylines.

The extra reels were also additions that need to be added. This was because the reels each had to contain a symbol. The game was added into the video form with the new reels just as can be seen in the picture below.

The winning combinations are read fro top to bottom and left to right after each individually reel has stopped spinning. Each payline requires an extra coin for activation so the maximum number of coins that can be bet is 8.

A total of 40 coins may be bet as on each payline a number of 5 coins can be bet on. This system can be found at most video games. The bet on each payline is done starting with the first one. After all the 8 coins have been bet on each payline only then for the first payline can be placed an extra bet. The bets can't be done randomly on the paylines.

This rule doesn't apply to the Golden 8 Machine. At this machine each payline can be selected for a bet but in order to place a coin on another payline three coins are required for a first payline. This feature makes the game more interesting.

Particular Eight Liners
The Cherry Master is the most known game that can be found 'on ground" in recreation rooms not only in an online casino. This game may be found in regular casinos as well if you look for them. The things needed to know about the 8 Liners is where you can play them and how do they work.

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