May 15th 2007
Usually the slot machines are differentiated as only being straight, progressive or video machines but there is much more than that.

Straight or flat top machines are the ones where no matter how much money you put in they will reward you in case of a win with the same amount of money. The amount of the payout varies, however, 10,000 coins (usually quarters) is most common among casinos.

Progressive slots are the machines where the jackpot amount changes as more money are played. Progressive slot machines also often have a max coins catch. A lot of progressive machines will only offer the progressive jackpot if you're playing max coins. Be careful though because this may be the only feature activated by playing max coins, so you may not see it reflected clearly in the payout schedule.

With video slot machines things are like this: instead of pulling an arm, the player rolls the reels touching an area on a touch screen. The graphical display is more appealing to the player, as is the conveniences of choosing exactly what type of slot you want to play (how many paylines, reels, or coin denomination). All can be customized by simply pointing at the screen.

Now, as I said before, the flat top and the progressive machines can be personalized even more. You can learn more about a slot machine by looking at all the stuff going on on the front of it. The coin denomination, number of paylines, number of reels as well as the number of coins played varies from one machine to another. Even though there are only three basic slot machine types, the details and rules of each set them apart. What you're looking for is something called the payout schedule.

The multiplier machine is the one that can first of all make you not to worry about multiple coin play. It is the perfect machine for players who prefer to play one coin at a time. This machine alters its payouts by multiplying them by the number of coins you are playing for the spin. If for instance you hit a 10 dollar line playing 1 dollar you would be paid the 10 dollars, but if you were playing two coins you would be paid 20 dollars, and for three coins 30 dollars.

The bonus multiplier machine works the same like the multiplier machine with the only exception that you get paid more if you play more coins. For example: $5 for one coin, $12 for two coins, and $20 for three coins. You have to decide for yourself if the bonus given to playing multiple coins is worth your increase bankroll spending.

Multiple payline machines can be a provoking deal. For these slot games there is more than one line upon which a winning combination can hit. The common example has three paylines, allowing for three different possible winning combinations. Why they are considered a provoking deal? Because many of these machines work on the premise of rewarding for more coins played. Each of the paylines is activated only if additional coins are added. The center payline will always be active as the first coin takes care of it. But if you put two coins in and those only happen to cover the bottom and middle paylines, then you hit a jackpot on the top line, you won't be paid a thing.

Buy-a-Pay machines are a lot like multiple payline machines. In multiple payline slot machines you pay to activate each payline, in a buy-a-pay machine you pay to activate each potential level of jackpot. You need to play the maximum coins to activate the largest jackpot. If you're playing a buy-a-pay machine with less than full coins, you may have a heart attack. You can still 'hit the jackpot' and see the three moneybags line up in a row, but you wont win a cent unless you play full coins.

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