Apr 15th 2010
Casino games can be frustrating when they are not up to a player’s skill. Those luck and chance games are normally slot games. Players never know just where the reels will land and if they will give off a big pay out. Rather everything is random and uncertain when it comes to playing casino slots online. However, that is not necessarily completely true. There are slot strategies players can test on their next machine that may help a player stay in the game much longer with their money lasting even longer. Who knows? Players just may take home the jackpot while having fun and extending that bankroll!

Players can easily strategize by knowing the different types of slot games and what their positives and negatives may be.

1. Paylines are different - If a player is new to casino slots, they may not know the importance of knowing how many a game has. Pretty much all of the video slot games and other slot games offer players several different paylines. Some have 1 payline while others have upwards of 20. With those one and two paylines, these tend to give players more for their money. Players are not required to put down large sums of money. In other words, there is less risk in playing a slot game with one or two paylines. However, if players are looking to play and have fun a great deal longer, those larger paylines warrant such an effect. While they do not always give a player those winnings they may desire, players can pull those slot handles longer and have more fun.

2. Playing for fun slot goers shouldn’t go for the progressives - Progressive slots usually play out on games with at least 3 reels. Those players that may have a small amount they want to spend or an even smaller bankroll will not find these are always a player’s friend. In most progressive jackpots, players have to bet the maximum number of coins on every single pull. As the jackpot rises, this can become costly to players. The best bet for trying to win a progressive or just play at one is to play when the jackpots are higher and not still building so much.

3. Less reels equal better chances at winning - New players may not understand the importance of knowing everything a slot game feature. After reading up on some slots casino reviews, players will discover a game’s reel number is extremely important when playing slots. Those games with just 3 reels give a player much better odds at winning then a game with 4 and 5 reels. Most slot games start with 3 reels. In fact, players will never see below this amount.

4. Play on different coin machines - There are two different types of coin machines players will find at most online casinos. These are two and three coin machines. With progressive jackpots, players will notice that it is almost mandatory to bet the maximum. Those bets are centered on the total jackpot amount, which in turn is determined by the number of coins a player is betting. To better this experience, players should try betting on a 3-coin machine or go with the maximum. This will in turn make them available to win more of the jackpot amount than one coming on a four-coin machine would not yield. The first step at a progressive however is to review what the jackpot offers in terms of chances at winning and what kinds of bets will have to be made. Players should always be comfortable with both of these aspects.

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