May 15th 2007
No other casino game offers as many payouts as slots do. And the best part about it is that slots is a game that requires virtually no effort from the player. A study from 30 years ago showed that out of the $430 million the casinos gave in slots payouts more than $300. This proves that slot payouts give more than all the other table games like blackjack, poker or roulette combined.

Slot machines on the other hand are also the casinos' main source of revenues. They make up for as much as 40% of the casinos' profits. Nowadays there are over 40,000 machines spread in all the 5 states that allow slot machines to operate legally. The Harrah's Casino in Reno is believed to have the most slot machines out of all the other casinos in the US. It has more than 1,500 slot machines.

Some of the not so well known states that allow slot machines are Maryland, Idaho, Montana and Washington. The catch is that they only allow them to be played in privately run clubs.

Slots is a very popular game, but also a very addictive one as well. There are lots of players that become addicted and spend all their time and all their money playing slots. One woman from California for example managed to lose $250,000 over a period of 2 years. She played slots in Reno and lost everything.

It seems that slot machines are everywhere. Not only do they take up the biggest part of the casino floor, but you can also find them in places like hotel lobbies, grocery stores, clubs, taverns, lodges, bowling alleys, bus-stop restaurants or airline terminals.

You will find slot machines pretty much everywhere there are a lot of people that want something to do. And what place gathers more people than the internet. The internet gathers people from all over the world and all of them are looking for something to do. That is why nowadays there are plenty of online casinos that offer a wide variety of games.

Slots are the main source of profits for land based casinos. For example, Vegas casino slots make up for more than 60% of the casinos' revenues. In Reno this percentage is as high as 65%. On the Vegas strip on the other hand, slots are surpassed by table games.

Here are some of the variations of casino slots that people may find when going land based and also online:

These slot machines are named like this because the payback for additional coins is simply a multiple of the payback for a single coin. Say that after you made a one coin bet you were paid from a particular combination, 100 coins. A multiplier will pay 200 coins for a 2 coins bet, 300 coins for a 3 coins bet and so on. An example of multiplier slots is the famous slot game Wheel of Fortune.

Line Games
With this type of casino slot game, the more coins you play, the more payoff lines are activated. On average, this could include the three horizontal lines and possibly some diagonal ones as well. Some games allow the player to choose as many as nine pay lines on which to bet. But also this means it will cost you more per spin than if you were playing on a standard casino slot machine.

In Buy-a-pays slot machine games, when you play more coins you are rewarded with more symbols being made winners. The logic is simple - if you bet one coin, you can only be a winner of a certain combination of symbols. If you bet three coins, you can be a winner of that combination plus certain others.

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