May 15th 2007
Others may try to convince you that they have a foolproof strategy that will guarantee you a win. The truth is that there is no such strategy. You are never guaranteed a win. Winning all the time at slot machines is not possible, no matter if you play online or in a land based casino. No strategy out there has been proven without a shadow of a doubt to guarantee a win.

Here are some strategies to follow when playing slot machines. They are meant to help you win more, and most of all make sure you have the most fun while playing. Do you have any strategies of your won? If you have a strategy then test it. This is the only way to see if that strategy works, without having to spend any actual money. Try out your ideas and strategies in a risk free environment.

The best advice that we can give you is to have a good money management strategy. This is the best strategy you can use. Make a budget and do not exceed it. Take only a specific amount of money with you when you play slot machines. Gamble certain amounts of that money on any certain periods of time. Take only as much cash as you want to gamble, not more. Do not take your credit cards with you also. If you do otherwise you will be tempted to gamble that money too. When playing online these advices will not work. The only way you can stick to your budget in is case, is discipline and self control.

Another good slot machine strategy is to make the most of the casino comps you are offered. Most online casinos offer great sign-up offers. Take them as you will get to gamble with $300 when you have deposited only $100 for example. When playing in a land based casino you will be offered a comp card. Accept it because the casino will offer you various comps after you have spent a given amount of time gambling in that casino. The various comps that you will receive will increase your odds and decrease the casino's advantage.

You have to spend money if you want to make money. When playing slots machines make sure to use the "Max Coins" option or the "Maximum Bet". This will make all the difference when winning. For example if you only insert 2 coins, you will have the chance of winning 2000 coins. But if you insert 3 coins, you may win 4000 coins. So by placing a larger bet you may win a bigger amount of money.

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