May 9th 2007
Online slots are experiencing a real popularity boom nowadays. The number of people that sign-up to online casinos in order to play slots is increasing every day. It seems that slots players spend about 65% of their income with internet gambling. Some even spend more than that.

Below you fill find detailed advice that will help you be on top of your game when playing online slots. If you take the time to read you will find out what you need to know when choosing an online casino, choosing a slots game, how to put money into your casino account and most important of all, what do to when you have a problem. You may even not have any problems at all if you are well informed and know what to do.

When you play online you are interacting with some form of casino software. Inform yourself what are the software requirements for the casino you want to play in. Casino software is meant to work best for either PCs, Macs, WebTV or MSNTV. Sometimes the casino software is good enough to handle all of these and work properly regardless of what hardware you are using.

You will need an internet connection and an internet browser. Sometimes that is all you will ever need in order to play slots. The most common browsers are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer. They are both free ware so you do not have to pay anything to get them. Both work just as good and you should not have any problems when playing online slots. The third option is AOL, but to get the maximum compatibility you will have to use the 3.0 version or better.

Take the time to consider which software to install on your system and use when playing online slots. Taking the time to choose software that works best for you will only prevent future problems.

Not all of us have a high-speed internet connection. If you have a dial-up connection and a 56k modem then you must arm yourself with patience. It will take some time for you to download any casino software. Luckily there are no download games that you can play. You are advised to find such games because they do not require any download and you can play them directly in your browser window. These games are either flash or java based.

Almost every online casino offers both download and non-download games. If you cannot afford to spend the time required to download the game, then play the non-download version. These games are usually labeled as "Instant Play" or "Flash Casino". If you do want to download a game but have a dial-up connection then you should know that it will take some time before the download is over. Find something else to keep yourself occupied while you download the casino software. This is advisable to staring at the monitor for a long time and watching the progress bar slowly moving.

If you are lucky enough to have a high speed internet connection, then playing online slots is a lot simpler. You can play the non-download version if you like, but we advise you to actually download and install the casino software. It will only take a short time to do so, but the quality of the game is far superior to the non-download version. They have astonishing graphics and great sounds. The download version also offers a lot more games that you can play and you do not risk losing your connection and consequently missing out on a good payout.

When picking an online casino you should choose one that uses well-known software. This way you are sure that you will always get you payouts and do not risk playing in a casino that uses rigged software. It is not unheard of casinos that are not reputable and use rigged software that will only take your money and not give any payouts.

Let's say that you have chosen an online casino that uses Cryptologic software for example. You are experiencing some problems and would like some help. But the casino's customer service is failing to respond. In this case you can always contact Cryptologic and present your problem to them.

Take a look at the list presented below. These are the most known and reputable casino software manufacturers. We recommend that you find online casinos that use these types of software.
  1. Microgaming
  2. Cryptologic/Wagerlogic
  3. Playtech
  4. Real Time Gaming (RTG)

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