May 21st 2007
The slots betting strategies presented below are meant to help you when playing slot machines and get you to play a better game.

  • When going to the casino to play a game of slots leave your credit cards or your ABM cards either at home or in the hotel room. Stick to the budget and spend only as much as you have planned to spend in that session. Try to discipline yourself and do not spend more than your budget. The temptation to dip into other funds is great, but if you do not control yourself you will end up losing all your money. Never bet sums of money that you cannot afford to lose.

  • Local players know which machines you should avoid. So take the time and ask around for the best places to play slots. Make sure to ask real locals. Even casino employees may know a thing or two about which machines to play and which to avoid.

  • Pay attention what machine you choose to play. You should always pick the machine that offers the biggest wins. For example if you see two identical machines that offer the same game, but one of them offers a bigger jackpot. The logical thing to do is to play the one with the largest jackpot.

  • Make the most use of casino comps. As long as you are gong to spend a lot of time and money in a casino, you might as well get something back. Make sure to get as many comps as possible for the money you spend in a casino. This is one of the best slots betting strategy advices that anyone can give you. Get a comp card as soon as you start betting. This will allow you to get various prizes, most times cash, after spending a certain amount of money in a casino.

  • Remember that you cannot win all the time. Because of that it is important to know when to walk away. If you've had a good run and you made a profit then take that money and go. I know that you are tempted to stay and play, but no lucky streak can last forever. The casino edge is always against you and in the end the house always wins. So take the profit that you have made and enjoy it. Do not wait around and risk losing it all.

  • This may sound like a funny advice, but it is no laughing matter. Always remember to push the "cash out" button when you are done playing. You would not believe how many players forget to do so and lose their winnings in favor of some stranger that happens to play that machine next. You will have spent all that time playing and have nothing to show for it.

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