May 21st 2007
It is not that long ago that progressive slots were first introduced. When playing a progressive machine you follow the same rules as when playing any standard machine. The only difference is when placing your bet. A percentage of every bet you place is added to the jackpot. The jackpot keeps on growing until someone gets a certain symbol combination and wins the jackpot. The jackpot can reach rather large amounts because of this system.

Do not think that the casinos do not know what they are doing when it comes to these progressive machines and jackpots. It is actually a very smart marketing technique meant to draw more and more players to the machines. That is what the casinos want. To have as many people playing slots all the time. They advertise the large progressive jackpot and the effect is just as expected. More people playing slot machines. Even more people start playing machines when they notice that progressive machines have the highest payback percentages.

But how can this be? Do progressive machines really have better payback percentages than other slot machines? Well, of course not. It is just that the casinos take into consideration the progressive win when calculating the expected wins for such machines. And that is all it takes to influence the percentages. Take a progressive machine that advertises a 97% payback percentage.

This does not mean that all the players that use that machine will get such a payback rate. It means that most of the players will get lousy payback percentages. But the one lucky player that gets a jackpot will get an amazing payback. Put all of these together and you will get a general payback percentage of 97% for that machine.

Local vs. Global

You must know that all the progressive slot machines are part of a network. This network can either be local or global. A local network means that only the progressive machines in that casino are connected. Only the people playing in that casino will contribute to the progressive jackpot. Sometimes two or three casinos may be part of the same local area network. These networks are the property of the casino and the casino manages them.

Global networks or wide area networks can connect together progressive machines from all over the country. People playing in Las Vegas could contribute to the same progressive jackpot as other people playing in Atlantic City. These networks are the property and run by large corporations that have even more financial power than the casinos. One such company is IGT and its network connects progressive machines from all over North America.

Because local area networks only connect progressive machines from one casino, sometimes two or three, the jackpot is not that big. Wide area networks offer much bigger jackpots. Local networks are more profitable for the casinos, and that is the main reason for them being on the casino floor.

But what about wide area progressive machines? Why are they on the casino floor as well? Don't you find it strange that casinos allow big corporations to put their machines in the casinos and charge only a small commission? Since when do they not care about money anymore? The reason is very simple. Marketing possibilities.

As we have said before progressive machines offer the casinos the possibility to advertise slot machines that offer multi-million dollar, single pull, life changing jackpots. And what do you suppose the effect of such advertising is? More and more people come to that casino and spend their money there. There is a good reason why slots are the most popular and most common gambling game around. That reason is the players' wish to make a lot of money fast and without any effort. Just by pulling a handle or pushing a button.

Would you like to try out a progressive machine but do not know which one to chose? Well, if you want to have a chance at that huge jackpot you should play wide area network machines. Who knows? You may just win the jackpot that will change your life forever.

But if you play a local are network machine your chances of winning the jackpot are greater. These machines offer better odds, but the jackpot is not that big. It's still a lot of money, just not as much as wide area network machine offer. Your life will be changed, just not forever.

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